Warm June night

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Warm June night

We had rented the most sleazy of hotels to have a party in
Some friends and I who knew each other since way back when
It was a warm June night
There was still some sunlight
That lit the room, ourselves, the glasses and the din

I remember I tasted vodka in my sangria
It must have been right after that, that my mind went off

I must have figured it was you who was in charge of the booze
I came up and told you about it, you said “Hey, drink up!
You ain’t got nothing to lose!”
So drink I did
And onto the couch I slid
You were there right next to me,
I do not really think that I could refuse

It was mentholated cigarettes that I tasted in your mouth
And your breast seemed strangely cold underneath your blouse

We must have gone out somewhere, it must have been the bathroom floor
It must have been there and then that I thought that I could not go on with this anymore
Not that I did not want to
There wasn’t much that I wouldn’t do
I just didn’t want to end up as another guy waiting in your corridor

I don’t really look back too much upon that night
But when I do I ask myself whether I did right.