Spring’s Come Again

2017-07-20T14:56:05+00:00 Tekst|

Spring’s Come Again

Spring’s come again,
No doubt about it;
With May weather in March:
There can’t be.

When I sometimes
Think of someone
You’re the one
That’s on my mind

But more often
I’m not thinking at all;
Just get high smelling
The flowers or the incense.

Their vapors cover
My brain like a film;
Make me feel comfortable,
Although numb.
I seem to like
This inert state I’m in:
It keeps my mind from
Focusing on anything.

Steadily sinking
Into my sweet-smelling impure,
I feel at ease
In my thoughtless limbo.
And as this cancer-growth
Has consumed my consciousness
Almost completely,
I see a disturbance

In the thick fog
Every morning,
When the semen stains
On my bedsheet
Betray my nightly
Thoughts of you
To the
Light of day