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From the first time that I saw you
I was knocked down by the brown of your eyes,
Cropped hair and all, you looked like a boy,
But I knew that that was just a disguise.

With your sleek moves and your bronze skin,
I didn’t need to wait for a cue;
In fact I never got to know what hit me,
I couldn’t help but get hooked.

I sometimes think how nice it would be
To drive up in a fancy car,
But I know that sort of thing wouldn’t impress you
Besides, I ain’t got a car to drive.

In fact, as far as impressing goes,
I’m completely at a loss;
It seems that no matter what I say or do,
I can’t get what I mean across.

So here I am sitting at home,
Scribbling down these lines as fast as I can,
Hoping I can at least write a decent song;
But I can’t help this feeling inside,
That no matter how hard I try,
All the words I write just turn out wrong.

I know that this sort of behavior
Ain’t what you’d expect of me,
But has it ever occured to you
That I may not be what I seem?

Sure I’ve learned to hiode my feelings
Just give you the casual glabnce,
Maybe I’d find a way to get close,
If I’d only get the chance.