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See the little schoolgirl
Walking up to school
Clutching her portfolio to her breast

How many times
Have I wished
That that folio was me

She treats me mean, but I love her just the same
And her name is Dorothy

The pains she takes to elude me
Almost make me laugh
But you know that I just can’t figure her out

What I feel for her
Doesn’t mean
I have to take her too seriously

But who’s kidding who, there’s nothing I’d not do
To be with Dorothy

Wonder how I should get close to her
Lord, how I love to see her smile

She’s probably the only person
That I love more than me

I just can’t get her off my mind
And her name is Dorothy

Oftentimes have I thought
I should look for someone else
But I know that no one else will do

I’m gonna make good friends
With her yet
Just you wait and see

If you still ain’t got a clue who I’m referring to
Her name is Dorothy