Can’t Stand the Silence

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Can’t Stand the Silence

She lifts an eyelid from the bedroom couch
Measuring me ever so warily
Could it be something wrong again?
All my muscles freeze instantly
Wonder what it may be this time
Was I clumsy or maybe’ve said something wrong
Her gaze glazes right across to the dumbwaiter
She lights a cigarette

I figure you want something to eat
Shall I bring you this or maybe that
Maybe you want to be alone for awhile
Just say something, you know I won’t get mad
Just tell me what it is you want
Just to make the tension ease somewhat
The atmosphere is getting so dense
That I could suffocate
She lights a cigarette

So what am I to do with you
I just can’t seem to come to grips
With the situation you put me in
I really wouldn’t say I’m pussy whipped
She gives me an absent minded glance
Just like on some piece of furniture
That she passes going on her way to the other room
She lights a cigarette

I just want to ask you
Do we have to go through this again
I can take your bad moods
It’s just the silence I can’t stand