Beautiful Brunette

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Beautiful Brunette

We sit opposite each other,
Talking about everything and nothing,
And as we sit my eyes start to pet,
The features of your face,
My Beautiful Brunette.

You stand up and walk away from me,
Bored or maybe indifferent,
While I stare at the the place where you sat,
Dreams and visions cloud my sight,
My Beautiful Brunette.

Every step you take is magical,
How I’d like to follow you home;
It all seems so logical,
But up to now I’m still alone.

Everything you do enchants me,
Makes my limbs feel like lead.
Don’t you know that you’ve possessed me,
My Beautiful Brunette?

Every time my thoughts turn to you,
My mind seems to get carried away.
Can you blame me for losing my head?
I’d so much love to be with you,
My Beautiful Brunette.